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Visit from musician Charlie Winston

Charlie is a friend of mine of some years, and I thought it could be an exciting experience to invite him to ebica to meet the children.
So, we set out to do something more original, a surprise they would never forget! 

I decided to teach them two Charlie Winston songs to introduce his work. The children loved the songs, and an idea formed as to how Charlie would be introduced to the students. 

I said to the children that we would have to record a video where they will sing the songs to send it to Charlie Winston. They were so happy about the project that so many of them had perfected the songs entirely.

We decided with Jayne (Primary Principal) and Pascal (Director) to organise a rehearsal for the video recording. The children were ready to sing their hearts out, and as we started to sing, I told them that I had forgotten how to play the song and that a friend of mine would have to help me. I asked my "friend" to come on in and of course who walked in but the one and only Charlie Winston. The children were beside themselves with joy and surprise.

I really hope the children will remember this great moment as I will never forget the beautiful smiles on their faces!

Music Teacher

Video of Charlie Winston visiting ebica



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