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PBL- French - Mddle earthTravel to Middle Earth! 

French teacher Fedora and her IGCSE 2 class have produced a remarkable Project Based Learning opportunity. 

I was intrigued by the thought of a journey to the Middle Earth and was amazed by the work produced by the students:
  • a trailer/advertising video of the events happening in the Middle Earth
  • a brochure containing information about the different sight seeing activities of the destination
  • a map to guide my trip.

I believe that the results demonstrated in photos and videos should convince you to go on this incredible journey as well, using your imagination and fantasy for guidance in the wonderful places you will find yourself to be!

Magdalini Zampouni

See the trailer of the journey to Middle Earth! 

Video interview with Fedora Marino- French Teacher


 Interview with the student - Brochure design and implementation

Video interview map design and implementation


Video interview: The making of the trailer

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