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 Stanford’s Assistant Dean of Admissions on the value of an IB education


Debra von Bargen is  no stranger to the IB Diploma Programme having worked with many IB graduates in her role at Stanford University. There are many benefits to completing the IB Diploma Programme and in this video, Mrs von Bargen shares why she thinks IB students are well prepared for University. 


According to Mrs von Bargen, the IB Programme:

  • Expand the student's way of thinking.
  • Hones linguistic skills.
  • Selective institutions like Stanford perceive IB students as strongly prepared and capable of dealing with the curriculum offered by Universities. 

She goes on to explain that they are exited to see the applications from IB students as the are very individualised and contain many self initiated projects. These aspects help admissions officer understand what the student care's about and their sense of initiative?

The IB and higher education institutions have done studies that show IB students are more successful in the first years of university.

 Find out all you need to know about the IB Diploma Programme by downloading the IBDP brochure. 

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