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Alkaline Batteries

preparations part 3

As an eco-school, EBICA supports projects dedicated to the environment. Recently, the 13th of May  (Earth Day) our year 8 and 9 students organized an assembly for their mini CAS project which can even be regarded as a PBL on Alkaline Batteries.

The driving question guiding the students was: How can we create an activity for a contest having as a purpose to make people sensitive regarding the impacts of alkaline batteries?

The benefits of this project can be summarized as the following:  Students have developed good knowledge and understanding of the environmental and health impacts that alkaline batteries cause. In addition, they took the challenge to create different activities such as role plays, science experiments, spot trailers etc. Finally, they presented their work to the rest Secondary students of our school focusing on the following questions:

What are alkaline batteries?

  • Why you shouldn’t throw batteries away?
  • What is the impact of batteries on humankind?
  • Why should we recycle batteries?
  • What are the Environmental risks of not recycling batteries?

Enjoy the best moments of this presentation in the following video.


Alkaline batteries assembly presentation


Here are some photos from the preparation: 

preparations part 4preparations part 2

Magdelini Zampouni

PBL Coordinator

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