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PY6- PYP Exhibitions

PY6-PYP Exhibition 2019 (12 of 18)

After two months of an unbelievable learning journey, the PY6 students were in the last preparations for their end of PYP unit Exhibition. In order to prepare for this exhibition, the students had to select an issue that affects the world, and find their own central idea and lines of inquiry in the chosen transdisciplinary theme, ‘Sharing the Planet’. The ultimate goal of the PYP Exhibition unit is to show student understanding of the five essential elements: knowledge, learner profile and attitudes, key concepts, transdisciplinary skills and action. The process culminated in an Exhibition which allowed students to demonstrate how they had carried out research collaboratively. The students lead themselves through a complex inquiry process guided by the classroom teachers. The students used printed and online sources to gain deep understanding of their topic. This was complemented by field trips, documentaries and expert interviews. In ebica, we had mentors from our Secondary School to facilitate the students’ ideas and guide them in their research. The students met once a week with their mentors and kept a journal about their learning experiences. In this project, students studied a problem from different perspectives and explored possible lines of action to solve the problem, which is one of the main components of the project.

There were five groups presenting different problems related to ‘’Sharing the Planet”’. The students decided to focus on the finite resources of our planet: the challenge of water management, the human activities that affect the oceans, deforestation and animal extinction, the use of renewable energies and overcoming our dependance on plastic. All groups engaged in an action project that went beyond the limits of the classroom: a drawing competition to raise awareness of water related problems, a beach clean up event, an assembly to discuss the dangers of palm oil, a telephone interview with local newspaper Nice Matin about green energy projects and a  plastic recycling workshop for younger children.

PY6-PYP Exhibition 2019 (7 of 18)On the Exhibition day, students prepared an oral presentation to introduce their topic. All the work done in the previous weeks was on display, including art pieces, informational posters, videos, etc. This has been a great opportunity for students to demonstrate not only full understanding of a real life problem but also all the skills and attitudes they have been developing throughout their PYP education. Most importantly, through this learning experience, students realized that it is important to have strategies to inspire ourselves and others, and that small actions can lead to big changes.

All students from ebica visited the Exhibition and we can quote “ I am impressed how well the students spoke, their confidence and their knowledge about the subject”. Parents came at the end of the afternoon to enjoy the exhibition, ‘This is one of the best events ebica has ever done” said one parent to the teachers as they visited the students’ stands.

A memorable learning journey and a day to remember all their lifes!

You can see more photos of the day here: 

Photos of the exhibition


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