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Project based Learning (1 of 2)

Project Based learning: The students take charge

Thanks to Project Based learning, year 10 students created a lesson for the year 9 students in Geography.

The driving question of this project was the following: How can we create a lesson for year 9 students to help them understand what can be done to mitigate the impacts of earthquakes and volcanoes?

Project based Learning (2 of 2)During their lesson for the year 9 students, year 10 students presented two case studies where they clearly described the causes and the effects of the latest volcanic eruption/earthquake (in Eyjafjallaj√∂kull Iceland and in Lombok Indonesia).

In addition, they succeeded in outlining and explaining specific mitigation strategies that they thought they could be applied to reduce the impacts of future volcanic eruptions/earthquakes in their chosen areas.

All this using technology as well as appropriate communication according to their audience.

Their lesson ended with an oral quiz to judge to assess the effectiveness of the lesson and whether or not the  year 9 students had followed along. It appears that they did!

As their teacher I do not believe I have seen year 9 students more pleased and enthusiastic by the end of a lesson.

So, Well done to Theo and Lennard!!

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