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Once upon a time…

By Magdalini Zampouni

PBL coordinator

Imagine a world where fairy tales and folklore stories are told differently... What if Robin Hood was lazy, Sleeping Beauty was living in today’s New York, and instead of “the Princess and the pea” you were told the story of “the Princess and the nut”? This is the world of our French A class in year 8!

French teacher Fedora visualized the most creative PBL for her year 8 students and managed to successfully implement this idea in class. The driving question posed to the students was: “How can we rewrite a traditional tale to make it modern while targeting a particular audience?” When conceiving this idea, Fedora envisioned her students collaborating and rewriting the stories of their choice while working in different groups, as well as adapting the language of the narrative to the level of a specific audience ( year 4 primary school student). I definitely encourage you to watch Fedora’s interview to learn more about the objectives of this PBL!


Fedora_s interview_1


Moreover, Fedora pictured the students presenting their new stories by telling them,  playing a scene or filming them using technology, and more specifically apps such as iMovies and GarageBand. Should you wish to learn more about utilizing technology while working with a PBL have a look at the video of Liza and Ona using their iPads to retell a part of the story of  “ The Sleeping Beauty”, while projecting images by means of Apple TV.


Liza and Ona interview


Nonetheless, the learning benefits of this project are not quite exhausted. In my opinion, Fedora succeeded in urging the year 8 students not only to alter the original stories and meet the objectives she aimed for but also identify and comment on potential weaknesses in their work suggesting ways in which they could improve their products. In case you think that may critical thinking and self-evaluation are not feasible for young students, watch the videos of Klara and Tessa, Lisa and Ona as well as Cassandra, Bastienne, Nathan and Sophie which say otherwise.


Tessa and Klara interview



bastienne cassandra nathan and sophie interview


Finally, you will definitely enjoy the lovely photos of the presentation our students performed for the class of PY4. As you can see, positive energy and great enthusiasm are more evident than ever!!

PY4 reactionspy4 during presentation_

Well done to Fedora and her class!!!

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