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House Captains and House Representatives 2018-2019

Within ebica, each student belongs to one of three ‘houses‘ - Palm Trees, Redwoods, or Willows. The house system is designed to encourage and celebrate positive behaviour and also to foster the school spirit of helping each other.

In order to ensure this attitude remains in place and that the students feel a sense of pride in their house, house captains and house representatives were appointed to set the example for others. These role models will help organise and motivate their house for the many events throughout the year and they will be a friendly face for our students should they need to discuss an issue. They will also work with Colin to help ensure the house system and the house events are a success for all of our students.

The role requires great responsibility, and our house captains believe they are up to the task. 

Palm Trees

House Captains

Stanley Saha and Amy Lonnberg

House Representatives 

Alexis Ghibaudo and Lisa Levy

 palmtrees captains

The Redwoods

House Captains

Mark Daychman and Marguerite Rannou-Wetterwald

House Representatives

Maxime Van Themsche and Isis Lelaure

redwoods captains

The Willows

House Captains

Victor Rannou-Wetterwald and Océane Desvigne

House Representatives

Louis Costemale and Tilly Basson

Willows captains

Our house captains for 2018 - 2019 are part of the ebica team helping all of our students achieve their potential. We wish them good luck in their roles for this year.

Colin Macnab

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