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Learnings from the Apple Education Leadership Summit

Apple leadership Summit (2 of 3) 

The conference was held at the Royal Horticultural Hall, London. Various French schools participated in the Apple Education Leadership Summit with the aim of sharing their methods and experiences while integrating Apple technologies into learning. Some establishments such as the Rumilly Demotz Group are Apple distinguished schools certified. They testified to the success of their new digital learning programmes.

Day 2:

We spent the day at the Tobacco Dock in East London, an ancient building constructed in 1811. The theme of the day's workshop was "how to maintain innovation at school".

The Lancy Institute and its management team were on hand to show us how they had introduced new technologies into their educational programmes. They have been working with iPads in the classroom since 2010. According to the Lancy team, learning with new technologies has gone through different cycles of high expectations, disappointments, learning and finally productivity. The institute has set up an effective training plan in place with the teaching community. They have put in place many projects that span the globe and use apps such as Kerboodle. The school it’s actively collaborating with universities to improve its digital learning processes.

The essence of their success is the link between teacher trainers, teachers, management and parents. The teachers do a vital job on the integration of subject material and pedagogy and actively informing the parents through presentations and regular communications. They have redeveloped the spaces dedicated to students and have in-depth guideline documents for the use of the iPads.

Apple leadership Summit (1 of 3)This training gave us many ideas of what we could put in place at ebica as part of our digital learning project. We hope to develop short courses, rethink the physical environment for our students and put in place an Innovation Committee (students and teachers) to help drive these projects.
It was noted during discussions that The Notre Dame Institute of Besançon has experienced a higher number of students applications since the inception of its digital learning programme.

Day 3 :

Next, we were off to visit the Bedford Girl’s school which was established in 2010 and is part of the Harper Trust Group. The school pride's itself on its combination of respect for tradition and an innovative digital learning programme.
Apple leadership Summit (3 of 3)
First, we attended a presentation of the school led by the teachers who took the tie to guide us through their digital project implementation. The whole school is involved in this project. They have been working since 2013 with iPads and have become an Apple Distinguished School. We visited classrooms and saw how teachers used the iPads for learning in different subjects such as Mathematics, English and German. During this visit, we remarked on the fact that the students seemed motivated and focussed on learning. The teachers regularly publish ebooks reflecting on their processes of learning with new technologies. This school benefits from modern facilities such as a broadcasting studio.

The Apple Education Leadership Summit was a rewarding and interesting experience, we were able to exchange with other schools and teachers on the benefits of using new technologies in learning. Notably, we gained valuable insight from other schools

With the Lancy Institute and the Bedford School tour, we learned how new projects could be implemented and how the entire teaching team could be included in a 21st-century education digital learning project.

Thank you to the ebica management and our partners Econocom for this opportunity.

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