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International Day 2018

Ebica primary school

The first event of the school year in ebica international school was an event which displayed the essence of the school philosophy, international mindedness. What an event in which all of the ebica community played a part, from the preschoolers through to the high school students and the superstars PEN!

The day started off with an Autumn chill in the air, but the cloudless blue sky reassured us all that the sun would be shining for the international stands that were to make up the International Village.

International day primary2-1Throughout the week leading up to the special day on Friday, Preschool classes had been preparing a gigantic poster with a huge collection of different countries’ flags. Primary students had chosen one continent per year level and so they prepared posters, decorations, demonstrations of different aspects of various countries. Some of the mums even brought in food for us all to try! On the Friday, all the primary students had a passport and they went on a magical trip around the world by visiting different classes and learning about the geography and the culture of different countries.

International day primary3At the entrance to each class, there was ‘passport control’ and a friendly teacher welcoming the visitors to the country!

International Day would not be complete without costumes; students and teachers threw themselves into the spirit of the day and dressed in their national colours or even in the national costumes.


In order to open the International Village in style, the students of Primary sang their own hymn in both English and French. Everyone together finished with ‘ It’s a Small World’ sung in many different languages, and it is indeed a small, small, world when we live in an open minded community which welcomes all races and nationalities.

The echo of different languages, the musical notes in the air, the colours of different flags and costumes, the taste of many different foods, these memories float in the air long after our event has finished!

A big thank you to everyone who took part and special thanks to PEN for all their hard work in making the International Village a huge success!

Jayne Pirson

Primary School Principal

PYP Coordinator

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