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Father christmas has a briken sled 2

Father Christmas has a broken sled!

Ebica international primary school special event

With Christmas fast approaching, ebica international school wanted to provide the primary students with a special activity. For this reason, we hired a local company ‘eklabul’ which is well known in the region for circus themed seasonal shows.

At 8h30 on Friday December 14th 2018, the team of ‘eklabul’ started to set up the scene in ebica international school primary theatre hall. By 10 o’clock all was ready and in place as the PY1 - PY6 classes gathered in the hall. Holiday music, decorations, lights and the stage was prepared for the show!

Father Christmas has a broken sled 3mWith a bump and a crash, Father Christmas’ main Elf  appeared and explained that the sled was broken and he had to wait for the mechanic. So what to do? It could be a long wait for everyone. So what about keeping ourselves entertained with juggling first some skittles and then some knives. A little bit of magic with a scarf that changed colour and got bigger when pulled out of a hat. And where did Thomas the elf get all that paper chain from that came out of his mouth?

The ebica international school students showed such enthusiasm and appreciation for the antics of Thomas the Elf.

As the time went on and the wait for the mechanic lengthened, Thomas went to check out the presents he had in the sled. One little bike, an overboard, a one-wheel bike, all of these were fun toys to try! One of the ebica international school primary students got to sit on Thomas the Elf’s shoulders whilst he rode the one-wheel bike, fortunately the student had a helmet on!! What an example of being a Risk Taker and the student loved it!

Thomas the Elf demonstrated that he was a Communicator both in English and French which are the languages of instruction in ebica international primary school. The students participated fully in the show with curiosity and respect for the artist and their fellow students.

Thomas the Elf decided to enlist the help of ebica international primary school students to repair Father Christmas’ sled and soon he was able to be on his way, after a few mistakes of getting his head stuck in the sled and being upside down!

As the show drew to a close, the applause was loud, the laughter of our primary students was ringing out loud and we all thanked Thomas the Elf heartily for the hour of entertainment!

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