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Ebica Eats!!!

By Magdalini Zampouni

PBL Coordinator

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if students could start their own business? If so, all you have to do is visit us at Ebica every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during our school break (11.00 am - 11.20 am). Just go to the main assembly room or outside in our beautiful garden. There, you will find the year 11 students working in their food kiosk selling snacks to the other students. It might sound astounding, but due to Project Based Learning, these students became motivated to work instead of resting in their leisure time.
Inspired by their teacher, Katia Abboud, year 11 students took the challenge to create their own food business. According to Katia, the driving questions posed to the students for this PBL were:

How would you start a business preparing the necessary plan and cost estimation?

How would you book the accounting entries needed for your business?

If you wish to find out more about Katia and her goals as a teacher when designing this part of her Business course, I strongly recommend you watch the following video:

Katia interview_1

Can this be our Best PBL of the year???

At Ebica we have successfully demonstrated a plethora of brilliant ideas in Project Based Learning over this academic year. Nevertheless, there is nothing more attached to real life experience than students opening their own food business. In that sense, it can be claimed that this is our Best Project Based learning of the year! (At least so far…)

For the purpose of their Business project, students had to prepare an actual plan as well as a market survey. Hence, they were able to investigate customer behaviour and choices. In addition, they learned how to make essential decisions about various important matters, such as tracing the most suitable location for their food business. Estimating the costs, revenues and profits of their business as well as purchasing the raw materials necessary by investing their own capital, were life experiences they have managed to acquire. Finally, our students succeeded in creating their own marketing campaign.

Campaign photo powered by the IGCSE2 class3

To achieve their goals, year 11 students decided to share responsibilities allowing each member of the class to focus on specific roles, tasks and objectives. In the end, they combined the outcome of their individual work which enabled them to open their own business: Ebica Eats. The response from the other students has been nothing but encouraging. As you can see in the photos, customers appear to relish the food kiosk!!!

photo 1

According to Business students Max and Maxime, the difficulties they have faced during the elaboration of this project have been various. However, thanks to team spirit and collaboration they have managed to overcome most of the obstacles they encountered. Enjoy their short interview regarding their experience of owning a business.

Max and Maxime interview

Jolan and Louis shared with me their opinion about the pros and the cons concerning this PBL. If you are interested in finding out more about this story watch the video below:

Louis and Jolan interview

Last but not least Julianna and Romy are happy to share with you what the future holds for Ebica Eats!

Julianna and Romy interview-

If you are wondering about the investment of the incomes of this thriving business, it remains for our year 11 students to decide how they are going to utilise their profits next year…


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