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Students at ebica campus can now receive a bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme qualification. This means that ebica students can take this diploma in English, as a base, with subjects in French to achieve a bilingual qualification.

As the world moves towards a global economy, bilingual students are becoming sought after in the workplace. According to this survey by The Northern Illinois University more than half of the employers in the state plan to hire more bilingual university graduates in the next 5 years. This situation is likely to be replicated the world over.

The IB Diploma programme is a well respected High School Diploma, which, combined with enhanced language abilities will give students an extra edge on their university application.

5 benefits of the IB Diploma


To attain a bilingual IB qualification students need to satisfy one or both of these specific criteria:

Group 1 French A and Group 1 English A  with a grade of 3 or higher + IB curriculum in English ( 4 or 5 other subjects)


Group 1 English A and one Humanity in French and the other subjects in English.


Advantages of a Bilingual Diploma

  • Bilingual students will have an advantage at the university application stage. As universities move to supply the market with bilingual graduates it stands to reason that bilingual applicants will be favoured.
  • As companies realise the benefits of hiring bilingual employees those who have proven skills in multiple languages stand a better chance in a competitive job market.
  • A bilingual diploma gives you the best of both worlds. Students attaining a bilingual diploma will have a wider choice of universities in both languages.


No matter what you career choice a bilingual IB Diploma will set you apart from the others and give you better opportunities in the future.

Ebica offers a variety of subject choices, click below to download our Subject Choice Infographic.

Download infographic

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