Bilinguals are better at problem solvingBilinguals are better at problem solving

According to research done by Dr Ellen Bailystock, bilingual children have a significant advantage when it comes to problem solving. Bilinguals have advanced abilities in filtering out unimportant information and focusing on the important information. This leads to a bilingual child being better able to prioritize and better manage multiple tasks.

The hippocampus

Grow your hippocampus !

A bilingual learner will have a better developed hippocampus, the part of the brain shaped like a seahorse and responsible for consolidation of information, learning new subject matter and spatial navigation. Other areas of the brain are also developed and this leads to improved concentration and the ability to make the best of new learning opportunities unrelated to language.


Better concentrationBetter concentration

A study done at Anglia Ruskin University shows that bilingual children learn better in noisy environments such as the classroom. This is because the bilingual brain is constantly focusing on and working on making sense of words and this helps them stay on task.